Policies & Legislation

The various laws, policies, and guidelines listed below are not comprehensive. Best efforts are made to update this page on a regular basis, but you should always check with any and all applicable federal agencies, state agencies, and/or organizational policies that may dictate the retention of your records.

University of Florida Policies

University of Florida Privacy Policies (Main Page)

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

Data Classification Policy

UF Data Guide (UF login required to access)

Privacy of UFIDs

E-Mail as Public Records

E-Mail Privacy (PHI and Restricted Data)

Guidelines for Information Security and Compliance

Information Privacy Statement

FERPA at the University of Florida

UFIT System Security Standard

HIPAA Policies and Guidelines for Health Information

Public Records Requests at UF

Federal and State Legislation

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Florida Statute on Breach of Security Concerning Confidential Personal Information

Florida’s Sunshine Manual (Chapter 286, Florida Statutes)

Chapter 119, Florida Statutes–Public Records Law

Chapter 1B-24, Florida Administrative Code–Public Records Scheduling and Disposition

Chapter 257, Florida Statutes–Public Libraries and State Archives

Chapter 1B-26.003, Florida Administrative Code–Electronic Recordkeeping

Florida Statute 1004.005, Security of data and information technology in state post-secondary education

Chapter 1B-26.0021, Florida Administrative Code–Microfilm Standards