Retention Schedules

A retention schedule describes a type of record, or a group of related records, and identifies the minimum amount of time they should be retained. Retention schedules are based on federal and state statutes, professional organization or association requirements, and institutional policies. The University of Florida abides by many different types of retention schedules: those created by the State of Florida (GS1-SL, GS4, GS5, etc.), those created by the federal government, and those created uniquely for the University of Florida (UF).

University of Florida’s Record Retention Schedule is accurate as of the latest update. If you cannot identify a record retention schedule that accurately and wholly reflects a record or set of records, please refer to the State’s unabridged retention schedules. If you are still unable to locate an applicable schedule, please contact the University Records Manager for further assistance. Please refer to the links below for the following area specific schedules:

University of Florida’s
Record Retention Schedule

Latest Version: 8/7/2020