Records Management at the University of Florida

Records management is the systematic and administrative control of records through out their life cycle to ensure efficiency and economy in their creation, use, handling, control, maintenance, and disposition. The University Records Manager is responsible for developing University-wide records management policies and services, maintaining records retention schedules, and for assisting with the collection and preservation of selected University records and associated materials of the University.

NEW and Notable

Managing Florida’s Public Records

Florida’s Bureau of Archives and Records Management recently released updated guidelines on managing public paper and electronic records. Please pay particular interest to the electronic records section that begins on page 27.

NEW and Notable

New Retention Schedule for Clinical Research Records and Data

The State of Florida released a new retention schedule for research records and data used in clinical research. For more on the new schedule, please refer to the Research Records and Data webpage linked below.

New Resources for faculty

Please check out two new resources for faculty to help you better manage your records: