Managing Public Records & Information


The State of Florida defines public records through record retention schedules which describe a record or series of records and assigns a retention period [Chapter 1B-24, F.A.C.] State law also outlines the requirements for the disposal of public records and assigns these responsibilities to a designated Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO.) The University Records Manager fulfills this requirement and liaises with the Division of Library and Information Services.

Please remember that any personal information or data retained on a University device or in your University email account may be subject to discovery during a public records request or through legal discovery. You should only be using University devices and accounts to conduct official business – for more on this please see UFIT’s Acceptable Use Policy.

From Florida’s Division of Library and Information Services

Managing Florida’s Public Records

This new handbook introduces the management of public records in Florida, and includes definitions, references to Florida law, and examples of how to manage both paper and electronic records. (Released in April 2021.)